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Innovative and practical solutions designed to fit state of art technology, Integrated system focusing on IT solutions, Transform strategies into reality with measurable results, Reducing cost and increasing efficiency with empowerment.

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President & Managing Director (VP).


Mission & Vision.

Maintaion the highest level of services by providing the best and most innovative solutions and being one of the market leaders in presenting high level services in the field of IT , networking & vareity of express business solutions.


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While we are at the forefront of and specialize in design-build, we are very familiar with a number of delivery methods and are confident we can find the process that will best help you meet your goals.



Business Solutions and services are carefully tailored to the unique needs of your organization and is based on a set of standards developed by our Professional Services team. A team that has many years of experience in executing successful implementations. In collaboration with your key personnel, we develop a specific implementation schedule, a series of precise task descriptions, and clear role definitions, so that your organization can optimize its learning and involvement in the implementation process. JOAENERY IT' team is at your side to assist with capacity planning, training, software implementation, system prototyping and refinement. We also help you to define and implement your administrative procedures and user training, and assist you in making a smooth transition into a full production system. With JOAENERY IT, you can rest assured that each activity within your implementation is carefully documented, organized, and managed. By working together, we ensure that your new system is implemented and operational in the most cost-effective and timely manner possible.

Why Us
Why Us
Why Us
Why Us

01.ERP Cloud

As the cloud solutions and offerings are becoming a global trend, in addition much more cost-effective than the on-premises solutions, built on best-practice business processes, accessible from anywhere, any device. It also keeps customers focused running their business and increase revenue while IT is transformed into Opex and outsourced. The following offerings are covered by JOAENERY IT: • Financials Cloud • Inventory Cloud • Purchasing Cloud • Order Management Cloud • Sales Cloud • Services Cloud • CPQ Cloud Services • Engagement Cloud.

02. E-Business Suite

• Business Consultation Analyzing systems and restructuring the business processes to increase the productivity • Application Implementation: Applying and verbalizing the standard functionalities of E-Business Suite applications for all modules such as (Human Capital management, Financials, Supply Chain ...etc.) • Implementation of Business Intelligence for all modules using: • Discoverer • Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (BIEE) • Application Extensions: • Applying extensions that is not covered by E-Business Suite standard Functionalities • Applying customizations and personalization to fulfill customer special requirements • Data migration Historical data conversions from legacy systems to E-Business Suite applications, • Version Upgrades E-Business Suite application upgrading to the latest release especially from R11 to R12 • Integration Applying any required integration between third party applications and E-Business Suite • Application auditing Systems health checks and solution setup auditing. • Training Conducting required trainings and workshops either for end users, super users, or technical implementers.

03. Custom Modules

As an IT solutions provider, JOAENERY IT has proven itself capable of solving real world business problems using tools and methodologies. Our Subject Matter Experts understand business functions and know how to apply Information Technology to best advantage We use tools to craft custom solutions that implement best practices and comply with industry standards to provide for maintainability. Our processes for development meet the international standards for application development and documentation to ensure that our clients can maintain solutions by themselves without the need for continuous support. Services offered • Customized application development using Development Suite including: o Development Suite 10g o Application server o Application Development Framework (ADF) o Designer • Transform existing applications from 10g to ADF • Database Design • PL/SQL Development • integration • Workflow Customization

04. Business Analytics and Intelligence

JOAENERY IT provide BI solutions implementation either BI Cloud or BI on-premises. Through Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) Cloud Service breaks that tradition, offering a fast, flexible solution that empowers users to answer new questions in the moment, while providing the security, scalability, and performance you expect in a market-leading analytics platform. BI Cloud Service enables users to analyze and understand their data like never before, offering new capabilities that automatically translate complicated analysis into intuitive visualizations - all in the cloud, and all at a predictable, low cost. With Oracle BI Cloud Service, you can load and combine diverse data with a click, to find out not only what happened, but why, and to make sure everyone shares that understanding – anytime, anywhere. a solution that offers the power and breadth of world-class analytics in an environment that is so friendly anyone can use it. Traditionally, systems like this require a significant investment of time and resources, which is often cost prohibitive. Across every organization, people are looking for faster, easier ways to analyze information. Business users expect to be able to navigate, explore, and discover what’s in the data—no matter whether it’s the current, carefully managed data already in enterprise systems, or content from diverse sources, internal and external. They need to be able to upload their own files and combine them with gold-standard corporate data, to easily see and understand what’s going on in their business. And, in the age of cloud, mobile, and self-service, they expect to be guided through a dialog with the data, so they can quickly see new patterns, answer new questions, and uncover new insights. At the same time, IT wants a platform that delivers more value, faster—without compromising data integrity or security. Speed, simplicity, and ease of use are key considerations for both groups. So are governance and transparency, which are essential to ensure the results self-service analysis can be used for decision-making with the same confidence as corporate dashboards and reports.

05. Services-Oriented Architecture

SOA Suite is a comprehensive, standards-based software suite to build, deploy and manage integration following the concepts of service-oriented architecture (SOA). The components of the suite benefit from consistent tooling, a single deployment and management model, end-to-end security and unified metadata management. SOA Suite helps businesses lower costs by allowing maximum re-use of existing IT investments and assets, regardless of the environment (OS, application server, etc.) they run in, or the technology they were built upon. It is easy-to-use, re-use focused, unified application development tooling and end-to-end lifecycle management support further reduces development and maintenance cost and complexity. SOA Cloud Service provides a PaaS (Platform as a Service) computing platform solution for running the following applications in the cloud: • SOA Suite • Service Bus • API Manager • Managed File Transfer • Real-Time Integration Business Insight • Business Activity Monitoring • B2B SOA Suite provides a complete set of service infrastructure components for designing, deploying, and managing composite applications. SOA Cloud Service uses the Active high availability (HA) policy when it provisions instance compute nodes. Using the Active policy causes the virtual machine (VM) to automatically fail over to another physical compute node in the same compute zone in case the primary compute node fails. SOA Cloud Service provides a rich variety of features that enable you to save time and money in the following ways: • Reduce costs. You can reduce IT maintenance and administrative costs. handles all platform provisioning, installation, and domain configuration. SOA Cloud Service is subscription-based, meaning you only pay when using the service. No large investment in hardware and IT expertise is required. This lets you fully concentrate on design, test, and deployment of integration solutions. • Create test environments in the cloud. You can quickly subscribe to SOA Cloud Service to create application test environments in the cloud. There is no need to provision and configure your own servers. Move workloads to the cloud, from cloud to cloud, and from cloud to on-premises environments. When testing is done, you can release your subscription. • Monitor and manage your environment. You can initiate backups, patching, scaling, and recoveries with minimal configuration from the cloud. In addition, you can extend your enterprise to the cloud and deploy SOA Suite projects where you need them. For example, you can integrate a Sales Cloud new customer account with a Siebel application. This enables a customer that purchases a product through Sales Cloud to receive support for that product through the Siebel system. For this same Sales Cloud event, you can also synchronize the customer account information to an on-premises finance application to ensure that the billing and accounts receivable modules receive payment from the customer. You can connect to on-premises applications through Messaging Cloud Service for asynchronous messaging, with web services to an on-premises Service Bus or SOA Suite infrastructure through a web proxy in the DMZ, or through a virtual private network.

06. Project /Program Management

JOAENERY IT has founded knowledge, skills & experience in Project Management and Process Re-engineering in diversity of sectors and industries, packaged with in depth knowledge of the type of nature of business in each of these Sectors and Industries in the MEA Region which is based on industry best-practices. • Our PM Methodology used to address the specific areas of focus of our clients in a customized way that fits with the type , size, criticality of their projects. • Our PM Methodology is fully aligned with PMI Methodology. • We provide distinguished services in PMO Setup, design processes, IT Governance along with related organization structure .

07. Team Experiance

JOAENERGY IT top-notch resources are capable to support Client to implement their Business Strategy in the most efficient manner through well-defined IT Roadmap to achieve their vision Our experts, consultants, specialists, and engineers are accredited in the following key domains: • Certified Staff in E-Business and ERP Cloud • Project Management Professional (PMP) • Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB) • Administrator Certified Professional (OCP) • Developer Certified Professional (OCP) .

08. Technology

• Development Suite • ADF • Dataguard and standby Databases • OEM • Real Application Cluster • Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (BIEE) • Workflow Builder • SOA Suite.

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